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Making Slideshows 1

How To Create And Produce A Slide Show Presentation Windows Movie Maker is extremely easy to use, in the older versions, once you had opened it up you could just follow the steps that were clearly numbered in the task pane and no other instructions were necessary. With the newer versions, it’s still easy, just […]

Making Slideshows 2

Making Slide Show Presentations Stand Out Step 3: How To Change And Add New Titles And Credits IN THE OLDER VERSIONS OF WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER, when you’d added all your pictures to the storyboard, it was time to manually add titles. In the Movie Tasks pane, under Edit Movie, click Make Titles Or Credits. You’ll be asked to […]

Making Slideshows 3

Perfecting A Slide Show Presentation Step 5: Adjusting The Timeline You will probably want to make pictures stay on the screen for different amounts of time and with different animation and transition effects, and this is how to change them: IN THE OLD VERSION OF WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER click Show Timeline above the storyboard. Click the button […]

Making Slideshows 4

Making Your Mini Movie Look Really Really Good Step 7: Adding Visual Effects, Animations and Transitions By now you will be getting the hang of the various options you have to enhance your project. As you preview your mini-movie, you might like to add even more effects to create a mood or simply add interest. […]