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Tips And Tricks To Make Movie Making Even Better

Showing all the features of the best free movie making application available. It shows how to set the correct ration, how to speed up the videos really easily and make it look much more professional. How to trim and split clips, how to make a montage, how to recored sound and narration properly, how to save the correct file extension for import and playback and more … EXCELLENT!


Making It Look Like A Person Is Flying Effect

This video tutorial taught me a thing or two. Here you’ll see a very clever technique to make a person look as if they’re flying above the ground, by splitting clips, taking screenshots and using a free photo editing program like paint or photoscape. This youngster gives a quick and well produced video with a time lapse sequence to add even more ideas to your creative movie making endeavors … PHENOMENAL!


Crazy Special Effects To Make You Think

This is where people get to be the most creative and personalize their movies to suit the mood, the style or the purpose. The video below shows you an example of weird and wonderful stunts created with simple phone video clips and edited in Paint. Things like gett ing run over by a car, being sliced in half, fighting like a superhero and many more. Once you get the hang of what’s possible to enhance your home movies and iPone video even further, you’ll turn them into something very special and most definitely unique.


More Special Effects With Windows LIVE Movie Maker

Movie maker is a superb program for adding all types of special effects – easily. On this page you’ll find a some excellent tutorials and examples to help you understand how to do it yourself. Which ever options you choose, Windows Movie Maker will assist you along the way. For more information and to find what else you need, search here …

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