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Getting Started

What You Need To Edit And Create A Mini-Movie

  • Set aside at least 15 minutes or so of Creative Time
  • Decide the mood of your project (do you want it to be happy, lively, mesmerizing, arty, meaningful, heart felt, loving, funny, bizarre, stupid, playful or even ridiculous?)
  • Download or open Windows Movie Maker
  • Find your favorite digital Pictures (and/or)
  • Search for some pictures from a trustworthy Download Royalty Free Image Site on the internet (and/or)
  • Scan some old Photographs, newspaper clipping or any other interesting Images (and/or)
  • Get out your Home Movies, Smart Phone Video or Digital Video Clips (and/or)
  • Music (and/or)
  • Microphone (optional)

Where To Get Windows Movie Maker

This is a free, easy to use and feature-filled application which was often automatically installed (with your Windows Operating System) prior to Windows 7, so if you’ve been around for a while it’s probably already on your computer, so make sure you check first. If you have Windows Movie Maker 1.9 or 2.0, consider updating to the latest version (2.1), by downloading the XP SP2 Service Pack from Microsoft. Windows Vista has “Windows Movie Maker 6”.

If you need to start from scratch it’s pretty quick and most certainly easy. Here’s how to get it for yourself now. But first …

Check If You Already Have a Movie Making Program

Press the start key (usually on the bottom left hand side of your computer screen) and type in “movie maker” in the search box. Then press enter or click the “search” icon to find a list of what you already have available. If you can see it there, click the Windows Movie Maker icon and the editing screen will open immediately. If not …

Download Windows Movie Maker FREE From Here:

Features Of Windows Movie Maker

IF YOU FIND AN OLDER VERSION OF MOVIE MAKER ON YOUR COMPUTER OR LAPTOP, most digital video fans knew that Windows Movie Maker was a great added feature of Windows XP used for creating and editing home videos and still photographs and images.

THE NEW VERSIONS OF MOVIE MAKER ARE SO MUCH EASIER TO USE. You can import many different kinds of media to your computer including video from a file, a video camera and a Web Cam. Windows Movie Maker can also import music and audio and record your voice directly from a microphone. You can also use Movie Maker to create dynamic slide show presentations using digital photos and other images, then adding titles, transitions and various creative effects. But the best feature of all in the new movie maker, is the automated movie it generated for you in just one click when you upload your images. If you haven’t worked with digital video before, this Getting Started section is the perfect place to begin.

You can find a list of Shortcut Keys Here that tend to make your experience more user friendly.