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Inspirational Movies

“The Peace Movie”

Warning: Several of the images may disturb some viewers, but, in just a few minutes, this very inspirational mini-movie will show you how you are already making a difference in the world, and maybe give you some more ideas as well.

Some of the things people are saying:

“How lovely. And how very true! Thanks you for a beautiful movie.” – Happy Peacock (via YouTube)


“The Solutions Movie”

We all have problems at times … and this mini-clip will help you discover your own solutions!

“I love your visually engaging with the message if we just relax, trust, and be grateful, all will be well.” – Jan St. John (Writer, Producer & Marketing Muse at

“It was a pleasure to promote your movie – it was very well done. Best wishes for more projects like this in the future – they are certainly helping to make the world a better place” – Gihan Perera (


“The Gratitude Movie”

This mini-movie was originally created to attract people to a website that has evolved into something even better, but because this older style mini-movie tends to evoke pleasurable emotions and responses in people who watch and listen to it, we’ll add it here too. It uses gentle music, stimulating images and appropriate inspirational quotes relating to gratitude to get its simple message across.

“I just feel better every time I watch this.” – Julianne Jones


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