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Mini Movie Examples

A Sample Of Our Mini Movies, Montages and Slideshows

There are probably as many different things to make mini-movies about as there are sites on the web. The clips below are only an example of how you can personalize the content and feel of your mini-movies to make them say what YOU want, to make a point, to promote your goods, services, products, website etc. in a fairly professional manner with a FREE video editing program, really easily and in a short space of time.

It’s quick — It’s Easy — And It’s FREE

So take a look at what we have done here and then let your imagination run wild.

PLEASE NOTE: All of these little mini movies were made with the original version of Windows Movie Maker back in 2008, yet they still show you the impact that a clear intention, choosing the mood you want to achieve, deciding to use thoughtfully chosen words (or even not to use them at all), selecting the right piece of music and then putting it all together with a very clever and intuitive movie editing program, can get you the most superb results.


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