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Video Tutorials 1

Easiest Way To Start With Windows Live Movie Maker

On the next four pages you’ll find a group of well produced video tutorials. If we don’t have what you need here, do another search and we’ll help you find exactly what you want on another page.

The Basics Of Mini Movie Making

This first video gives a basic tutorial beginning with how to open the NEW Windows Live Movie Maker. It makes things easier for you to get started. It shows how to import Video, Pictures and Music. How to add items to the Storyboard/Timeline. Also adding Video Transition and Effects. Saving your Movie File (wmv file) and viewing on Windows Media Player. It even covers how to upload your video to Youtube.

The Easy Way To Make A Slideshow With Pictures

The easiest video you can make is a slide show with your own photographs. But if you want to some extra ones, this will show you where to get free pictures, photographs or video to add to your own. This fun tutorial shows you a really quick and easy way to start – adding music, songs, setting the time, adding the titles and transitions and much more. Windows Live Movie Maker makes it easy for you to click and drag to change the position. How to choose and change the transitions, where to go if you get stuck, how to change the way you edit, how to add themes and do an automatic movie theme. Nicely done.


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