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Video Tutorials 2

Excellent Effects, Transitions and Visual Impact

On the next four pages you’ll find a group of well produced video tutorials explaining. If we don’t have what you need here, do another search and we’ll help you find exactly what you want somewhere else.

Getting The Best Effects With Windows Movie Maker

In this tutorial, you’ll see some ways to enhance your video clip outlook as well as music quality. This guide also shows you how to download Youtube Flash Video, add effects, cross-fades, animation and transitions to give your mini-movie the best visual effects. Even if you’re only using ordinary footage, it can still look sensational. guides you on how to apply PIP effect on your video clips. PIP is also known as Picture-In-Picture that allows video creators to play 2 or more videos simultaneously. It also focuses on enhancing your video clip with pictures.

Best Way To Edit And Trim Clips In Live Movie Maker

This tutorial shows how to make a quick auto movie, how to pick a different background color and change text easily. Also covered is how to cut small portions out of your video, trim clips, select what you want and what you want to discard, how to set in and out points, the way to place multiple audio tracks within the video too, how to find just the right point to do a split, add the animations and transitions between clips and more.


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