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Video Tutorials 3

Creating The Best Videos With Movie Maker

There are some amazing tools, transitions and effects to enhance your video clips. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on this page, let us help you find what you need on another.

How To Make A Fantastic Introduction To Your Video

How to add the music, voice overs, waveforms, where to get video loops to create more drama and how to add them in with better success, how to trim video to fit the music, adding text and transitions, doing cinematic introductions, creating captions that really work and making the timing just right. Here is a video that shows you all thw title animations, video effects and video transitions. You’ll also find out how to convert your video clip into audio by using Windows Live Movie Maker. The audio format would be in WMA (Windows Media Audio) which is much better quality compared to MP3. This method could also convert other compatible audio formats to WMA as well.

How To Edit Home Video In Windows Live Movie Maker

This one teaches you how to import your own video, to edit and cut them at the places you want, to set the end point and trim it, to split them. To enter video tools and alter the background color, to enter your text with the text tool, to set the font style, size, alignment, color and spacing, to add in backgrounds, to do visual effects, to add extra video footage to the video you’re creating, to get extra Windows Movie Maker titles, transitions, animations and effects, to set the transparency for your video and to include extra file formats that windows movie maker doesn’t normally accept among other things.


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