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Video Tutorials 4

Live Movie Maker Tutorials From Start To Finish

How to make your video clips look professional with simple to more advanced techniques. If we don’t have what you need here, do another search and we’ll help you find it in a different section.

Professional Looking Movies To Impress Your Friends

Beginning with how to download the software and make professional looking video really easily. How to copy clips so you can cut them properly, how to trim them at the best place, find the start and end points easily, how to blend them together so they look great, how to clone from one clip to make an identical one and how to backup your movie.

Creating Quality Visual Effects And Uploading

Here is a continuation of the first video where you’ll now see how ow to splice video clips and move them from frame to frame. This tutorial also teaches you how to import custom titles, effects and transitions to add into your Windows Movie Maker collections, how to add the animations in the best possible way, how to set the duration of each transition and how to playback, make changes that create more impact with artistic visual effects, adding music and how to publish and up-load to YouTube, Flickr, One Drive, Vimeo or Facebook.

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