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Power Presentations

Karl Fisch’s did you know? Presentation remix.

Below you will find two examples of how a powerful piece of music and a few meaningfully written slides can dramatically improve the appeal of a subject.

Karl Fisch’s did you know? has been around since August of 2006. The presentation was originally intended to get the faculty of Arapahoe High School thinking about new and different ways to prepare their students for the world they will be entering after High School. The video has gone viral and Karl has been gracious enough to share all the materials he used to create the presentation, including his data sources.


Elizabeth Richardson’s “The Comfort Movie”

Warning: Scenes in this clip may disturb some viewers, yet it’s an accurate representation of life with an inspirational message of comfort, hope, encouragement and solutions!

This powerful mini-movie clip was an inspired work. It has received marvelous reviews from around the world. Some of the comments we’ve had over the years are:

I just want to say after I watched this video it touched my heart. Thank you and God bless anyone who watches this and makes a difference in some ones life! – Shawna Holden (via Veoh)

Keep up the GREAT work, I love what you’re doing.  – Shelby Collinge (

That’s a very powerful video. – Jeff Risden (Manager of Relient K…who performed the song on the video)

I really enjoyed watching it and I think you have done a really nice job in presenting the disturbing scenes in a way that doesn’t want your viewers to quit watching. – Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D. (EveryDay Qi)

It’s a nice one. – David Leonhardt (The Happy Guy)

I am such a big proponent of gratitude – and I think it’s great that you are doing the work that you are doing. And your movie has such rapid-fire images it really stretches the brain to watch. Good work!…Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I feel grateful that you did! – Jennifer Clare (

Many thanks for sending me to your really inspiring video. I appreciate it. It’s put a sparkle into my Monday. – Ian Traynor (Professional Webmaster)

Did you really create this? It is superb. – Trevor Colvin

How Lovely. Inspirational!! – Happy Peacock (via YouTube)

Congratulations on your accomplishment! And thanks for letting me know about it. Isn’t it wonderful that inspired people all over the world, like YOU, are spreading messages like this? There were some familiar lines in there. – Dr Alexandra Gayek (Science Of Being Well Network)

I love your videos … so visually engaging with the message if we just relax, trust, and be grateful, all will be well. – Jan St. John (Writer, Producer & Marketing Muse at



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